An Apetastic upjers App is Now Available in the Play Store

Bamberg, May 19th, 2016. upjers, the renowned publisher of apps and browser games has a brand new gaming app for adventurous players. Blast off into outer space and fight to survive in Deep Space Banana!

Warring gangs of primates have out-evolved us humans in the hostile world Deep Space Banana, and are now seeking out foreign planets to start a new civilization of their own far away from Earth. But that’s no easy undertaking – and the battle for a new homeland will be harsh and unforgiving, and defending it will be even harder…

Deep Space Banana ( is cooperation between upjers and Jo-Mei Games, whose successful teamwork already gave life to Monkey Bay. But instead of swashbuckling pirates in the Caribbean, the monkeys are now astronauts exploring the vast endlessness of outer space.

In Deep Space Banana, players build a space station for their primate crew and attack competing groups of monkeys. upjers’ and Jo-Mei’s thrilling tycoon and strategy game is now exclusively available to players in the United Kingdom in the Play Store:

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