Blast off to Outer Space!

Bamberg, August 24th, 2016. The renowned developer and publisher of browser games, upjers has just launched its thrilling new app player vs. player app, Space Bash!

Previously announced at the 2015 gamescom in Cologne, Space Bash is now finally blasting off and is now available in the UK Play Store (

In this action-packed blend of strategy game and tycoon game, players establish a military base on a foreign planet far away from planet Earth. Out there, resources are scarce and commodities are valuable, making battles with other players a vital component in the fight for survival.

In a breathtaking science fiction setting, players will have the opportunity to engage in heated real-time battles with other players. To counter the vicious attacks from their fellow players, newly minted space commanders must fortify their base with hard-hitting defensive system if they want to survive. Gripping story quests provide a refreshing change of pace and introduce players to the game’s countless features.

The game is now available for Android devices in the UK Play Store. Find out more here:

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