Cheops Adventure and My Free Zoo Mobile hit the App Stores

Bamberg, September 4th 2015. With Cheops Adventure, upjers is bringing a brand new gaming app to the Play Store, for which the renowned developer and publisher of browser games and apps has joined forces with the developers from electronauts. And zoo fans with Apple devices can now look forward to My Free Zoo Mobile for iOS devices.

The app version of the popular browser game My Free Zoo ( has been available in the Play Store since Gamescom. Now the mobile zoo game has finally been made available for download for iOS users in the App Store:

The other new addition to the Play Store is Cheops Adventure ( This joint cooperation between upjers and the developers from electronauts was also revealed at this year’s Gamescom. It sends players on a dangerous and tricky mission: Find the pyramid’s treasure! All manner of deadly traps and murderous foes await the young archaeologist.

For instance, stepping on certain floor tiles in the pyramid will trigger dangerous defense mechanisms, and rotting mummies or Anubis himself could be lurking around every corner, just waiting to send the archaeologist to the other side.

Each new level in Cheops Adventure provides ever greater challenges, and it will become harder and harder to find your way out. But players can use clever tricks, such as using camouflage wraps to hide from mummies, fighting with torches, or using protecting spells to ward off the laser glares of the Ba bird sculptures.

If you have good sense of timing and love solving tricky puzzles, you should download this unique mix of skill and puzzle game on your smartphone or tablet today. Cheops Adventure isn’t just a breathtaking brainteaser of a journey through a pyramid, but also offers entertaining graphics and high-quality effects.

Cheops Adventure in the Play Store:

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