Molehill Empire is all Abuzz

Bamberg, July 18, 2017. Renowned developer and publisher of apps and browser games upjers has expanded Molehill Empire’s ( Green Valley with a bee garden! The gnomes can now make honey in addition to flowers and herbs.

The new bee garden in Molehill Empire ( is home to numerous beehives – shooting out from the ground like mushrooms. The busy yellow and black garden helpers are eager to swarm out and collect pollen from the plants in Green Valley – and make delicious honey.

Gnomes and gardeners can even specialize their bee colonies for the apicultural pursuits: Specializing bees determines which type of honey is made. The selection ranges from cherry blossom honey over rose honey and cornflower blossom honey.

Ever willing to work, the bees will listen to their owners’ every command – players can send them on a quick or thorough flight. Using the option “to the last blossom” brings the highest yields.

The collected honey is extracted in the honey spinner and filled into jars. A beekeeper gnome can also lend a helping hand. New bee quests offer a slew of new challengers for aspiring beekeepers!

Discover the new bee feature – only in Molehill Empire!

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