My Free Zoo Already Has 200 Different Animals Now!

Bamberg, June 30th 2016. upjers, the renowned developer of popular apps and browser games has rounded off a full 200 animals in its zoo game! The Mhorr Gazelle is now available in bronze boosters.

My Free Zoo ( is celebrating its 200th animal. Once extinct in the wild, the Mhorr Gazelle was bred in captivity in European zoos and eventually successfully reintroduced in the wild in northern Africa. Now you can enjoy this beautiful gazelle in our zoo browser game, too!

Players that want a Mhorr Gazelle in their virtual zoo will now find a guaranteed card piece in their daily bronze boosters in My Free Zoo. Every 200th bronze booster opened worldwide will even contain eight Mhorr Gazelle card pieces.

The new exclusive booster animal, the Mhorr Gazelle, can now be obtained in My Free Zoo (!

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