My Free Zoo Explores the Origins of Life

Bamberg, February 25th, 2015. upjers, the developer and publisher of renowned browser games, has surprised My Free Zoo with brand-new game content. The new Natural History Museum lets players journey into the past and discover the secrets of reawakening lost species.

The new feature in My Free Zoo ( allows players to bring extinct species back to life and display them in their very own zoo. To do that, players will be able to send their scientists – paleontologists – on fossil digs. They will return with fossilized pieces of animals from different eras, which can be assembled into impressive skeletons.

But you can take it a step further. Lab techs can examine the fossil pieces more closely, and extract the animals’ DNA from them. With enough fossil pieces to examine and the help of their descendents, which My Free Zoo Players have plenty of these animals can be brought back to life. Soon, little quaggas, dodos, and thylacines will soon frolic around in My Free Zoo.

The Museum feature doesn’t just make scientists’ dreams come true – bringing extinct species back to life –, but also offers many new and exciting tasks for veteran zoo directors. This sensational feature adds a whole new level of depth to My Free Zoo (

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