My Free Zoo Heeds the Call of the Serengeti

Bamberg, September 13, 2017. Renowned developer of browser games and apps upjers has surprised its players with a new Serengeti park! The African savanna is perfect for long safari tours (

A reservation for elephants, giraffes, rhinos and Co.”: With the new “Serengeti” region, My Free Zoo players can create a savanna landscape for their animals. Special Serengeti enclosures can house mixed groups of meerkats, antelopes and many other species.

The many customization options allow you to turn the region into a true safari park. Watering holes, termite hills, observation towers and much more allow you to make an engaging destination for animals and visitors alike.

Popular with visitors, the new enclosures will make significantly more visitors appear in My Free Zoo when players unlock the region. To celebrate the introduction of the special African region, the black-backed jackal has been added to the game as an exclusive Serengeti animal.

A safari park with mixed animal communities and matching enclosure items: the Serengeti is new in My Free Zoo (!

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