My Little Farmies Fishes in the Floodplains

Bamberg, July 19, 2017. Renowned developer and publisher of apps and browser games upjers has expanded My Little Farmies (http:// with yet another region. The Floodplains open up new farming opportunities and features for players.

Even now, four years after its initial release, the medieval farm simulation enjoys immense popularity and is continuously supplied with new content. The Floodplains is the newest addition to My Little Farmies – a picturesque landscape defined by numerous water surfaces.

For the first time, players can grow water plants and process the harvest into a variety of useful and decorative productions. Three new production buildings – the basket weaver, freshwater fisherman and pearl farm – open up completely new production chains.

Farmies fans can look forward to a whole slew of new products to sell in their medieval market stalls. My Little Farmies ( regularly surprises its loyal community with elaborate and lovingly conceived updates, providing many a breath of fresh air for the farm simulation.

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