My Sunny Resort – The virtual vacation paradise is now available to all!

Bamberg, March 11th, 2015. The renowned developer and publisher of popular browser games, upjers, has a virtual escape for all stressed-out big city people: My Sunny Resort. The online island paradise invites players to relax shop and go exploring.

The calm and remoteness of a Caribbean island – that is what the beach-ready vacationers in My Sunny Resort get to experience. The player’s organizational talent will be put to the test as they try to make their guests’ stay as pleasant as possible. Checking in guests, assigning bungalows, and providing a broad assortment of restaurants, cocktail bars, and beach volleyball courts: these are some of the main tasks in the holiday resort manager by upjers and King Art Games.

The vacation oasis in My Sunny Resort consists of many bungalows of various sizes. Players can choose the furnishings themselves. Depending on their furnishings, these rooms are rated with one, two, or even more stars. Of course, every vacation island also needs restaurants, souvenir shops and attractions such as open air discos. Players build the appropriate buildings and then hire staff to keep them running.

My Sunny Resort familiarizes you with the diverse work that needs to be done in a vacation paradise. However, in this free to play browser game by upjers and King Art Games, players can complete chores such as cleaning a bungalow with a single click, allowing them enough time to enjoy the ocean and the beautiful scenery while expanding their holiday resort at the same time. My Sunny Resort can be accessed for free at

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