upjers has already amassed several awards for its games. One of our greatest accomplishments was being awarded the “MMO of the Year 2012” for Upologus. This upjers role-playing game won over the jury and was awarded the title “Best Casual MMO”.

In Upologus, the player slips into the role of a smart little sorcerer’s apprentice and accompanies him on his adventures, to become the greatest magician of all time.

With My Free Farm, upjers also has the pick of the bunch. This farm game was awarded “MMO of the Year 2009”, and also won in the category “Best Casual Browser MMO”.

Additionally, the game’s audience honored Kapi Regnum as one of the best browser games of the year in 2007. This Audience Award in particular overjoyed us because it’s the players who decide on a browser game’s success. In the very same year, Kapi Regnum even creamed off the award in the category “Best Tycoon”.

Even in 2006 – our founding year – upjers won the award “Browser Game of the Year” with Kapilands.

These accomplishments have inspired and spurred us on to even higher peaks. We are especially proud of the fact, that our app games boast very good download numbers in the App Store and Play Store.

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