Soccer Fever at upjers

Bamberg, June 9th, 2016. The renowned developer and publisher of browser games and apps, upjers ( has been gripped by soccer fever. The European Championship is starting in France, and upjers players will be flooded in soccer balls. These can be collected and traded in for fantastic prizes.

My Little Farmies is on the Ball

The medieval village has been turned into a soccer field with Parisian landmarks. If you manage to collect the soccer balls from the championship decorations regularly, you can earn yourself a kraken sculpture that grants random products. (

My Free Farm 2 has Flags Galore

Countless flags of the countries participating in the European Championship are already fluttering in the wind on the 3D farm. In addition to valuable tools, these also grant soccer balls. Players can use these to flip cards and uncover prizes. (

My Sunny Resort Lays out the Field

The vacation paradise has a special treat for soccer enthusiasts. Players can get everything needed for soccer fun in the sun: green fields, a goal wall and a number of barbecue supplies await. The grand prize? A new NPC – Ball Boy Toby. (

My Free Zoo and My Free Zoo Mobile are Catering to the Fans

The Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe set the scene for a fan meet-up of extraordinary proportions. Prizes include an octopus for the browser game or an armadillo for app players.



Molehill Empire is Collecting Flags

From Friday on, all sorts of flags will start turning up in the garden. Players can find pieces while harvesting their crops – if they manage to find all the pieces for a certain country, they’ll get the respective trophy cabinet item. Depending on how well the individual nations do, these items will also grant a certain amount of daily points later on. (

My Free Farm is Refereeing

On Friday (June 10th), the Architect will have a special whistle house for My Free Farm players, and the bouncy soccer ball sheep will find its way into the vending machine. On Tuesday, players can look forward to an exciting soccer dice game which will allow players to unlock a whole team of soccer sheep! (

As always, all news about the European Championship can be found in the Portal:

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