The Mountain Calls in My Free Farm

Bamberg, March 14, 2017. The internationally successful browser game My Free Farm is getting a fantastic new feature. Renowned developer of browser games and apps upjers is sending its virtual farmers off to the mountains!

It’s a race to the summit in My Free Farm ( Players can build an offshoot of their farm high up in the Mootown Mountains. The 6th farm can only be reached with all-terrain vehicles and has plenty to offer for entrepreneurial agriculturists.

Ten new plants thrive in these lofty heights – the alpine herbs. Industrious farmers can use them to craft delicious and revitalizing tea. And a whole new quest series provides interesting and exciting tasks to keep idle hands busy.

The 6th farm also gives you the opportunity to build a mountain station. Adventurous farmers can use this new building as a base for planning hiking tours in the mountain. Hikers can collect memories of their excursions in a sketchbook and unlock new achievements.

Farm 6 has a wide range of activities in store for players in My Free Farm ( Farmers can continue their farming endeavors in a whole new setting and discover loads of new content!

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