The Stone Age has Arrived in My Free Zoo

Bamberg, June 3rd 2015. The renowned developer and publisher of browser games, upjers, takes My Free Zoo ( players on an excursion to the Stone Age. All Museum directors in the online zoo manager game can rejoice over three brand-new Stone Age animals.

The fascinating world of extinct animals in My Free Zoo ( has been enriched by another era. The giants of the Stone Age can now be collected in the form of fossil pieces and later researched more extensively.

These include the Glyptodont, the Woolly Rhinoceros and the Ground Sloth. All three bear a strong resemblance to their modern-day counterparts, but are significantly larger or furrier than them. The Neanderthals still encountered the Woolly Rhinoceros and the indigenous peoples of North and South America may still have experienced Glyptodonts and Ground Sloths according to scientists.

All My Free Zoo players that already have a Natural History Museum at level 3 can now collect the fossils from these giants of the Stone Age. Afterwards, the Wooly Rhinoceros, Glyptodont and Ground Sloth can be brought back to life in My Free Zoo.

The exciting world of extinct animals in My Free Zoo – now with the giants of the Stone Age!

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