Things get Exotic in My Free Farm

Bamberg, October 14th, 2015. upjers, the renowned developer of browser games and apps, hasn’t forgotten about its classic games. For My Free Farm’s ( 6th birthday, players are being pampered with an exceptionally exciting new farm.

The fifth farm in upjers hit game has a special new field for My Free Farm players. Here, hardworking farmers can plant exotic fruits such as mangos, kumquats, dragonfruit and more!

With the addition of the new farm, the formerly small world of Mootown and Pondsville has much greater distances to cover – so that exotic goods need to be picked up by car. The fitting vehicle for the player’s transportation needs can be acquired at the vehicle shack. And where does the fuel come from? From the Biofuel Facility, of course!

Even after six years, My Free Farm ( is still providing fruit-filled fresh entertainment and new goals – both with the vitamin-packed exotic fruits and the new vehicles for the fifth farm.

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