upjers launches another Exciting App – My Free Farm 2

Bamberg, May 13th, 2015. Upjers, the developer and publisher of countless popular browser games, has just launched another app: My Free Farm 2. The 3D farm game is available in the Play Store now and will soon be available for Apple devices as well.

An idyllic countryside between a sprawling forest and a rushing river awaits players in My Free Farm 2 (http://apps.upjers.com/en/my-free-farm-2-mobile-en/). Fertile fields invite players to grow corn, beets and fruit trees. Countless colorful stores and workshops, such as bakeries, dairies, ice-cream parlors and more, can be built to process crops and animal products.

Some products in My Free Farm 2 also require ingredients such as egg and milk. These are provided by numerous amusingly animated farm animals – it’s easy to tell when a sheep has just been freshly sheared. Aside from farm animals, you’ll also see wild animals out in the neighboring forests. If you’re lucky, you might just come across deer, birds and raccoons.

Cheeky moles, however, can be found right on the farms themselves in My Free Farm 2. Friends and neighbors are helpful here: Players visiting their friends can tap the moles right back down into their burrows, getting rid of pesky molehills in the process. Players will be rewarded with friendship hearts, which in turn are used to earn rewards.

My Free Farm 2 (http://apps.upjers.com/en/my-free-farm-2-mobile-en/) is a graphically sophisticated farm simulation for tablets. Thanks to innovative 3D technology, the entire farm can be rotated by 360 degrees. This highlights many of the unique details such as the animals’ amusing animations. Moles on neighboring farms provide plenty action, and together with the countless other features in My Free Farm 2, provide long-lasting farm fun!

The app for Android devices can already be found in the Play Store; a version for Apple devices will follow suit.

Note: My Free Farm is inspired by the eponymous cult browser game, My Free Farm. It is a spiritual successor and re-imagining of the original game’s concept. However, it’s a standalone game app by upjers, with no link to the browser game.

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