upjers Opens the Summer Games

Bamberg, July 25, 2017. Renowned developer and publisher of apps and browser games upjers is bringing on the heat for the summer events. A colorful parrot, a breathtaking fountain and a new production site are just some of the rewards for players.

Since Tuesday (July 25) zoo directors have been able to earn card pieces for a number of animals. Collared Peccaries, Armadillos, Badgers and the new and beautiful Kea – a colorful parrot – are now obtainable in MyFreeZoo Mobile (https://m.upjers.com/en/apps/my-free-zoo-mobile).

To get these animals, players need to earn bouncy balls, which drop from the event decorations currently available in the shop. These decorations allow players to build a fun, animal-themed playground for their visitors – complete with crocodile slide, climbing web, rocking squirrels and crawling caterpillars. The event runs for two weeks.

The browser game My Free Zoo will follow suit on Wednesday. The event here likewise revolves around colorful playground decorations. Aside from the Kea, players will be able to earn card pieces for the Bat-Eared Fox, Collared Peccary and Common Octopus during the two-week summer event in My Free Zoo (https://en.upjers.com/my-free-zoo).

In My Little Farmies (https://en.upjers.com/my-little-farmies) fire eaters, bards and jugglers are providing the entertainment at a medieval fair. During the event, players can collect drinking horns and earn pieces for the magnificent two-tiered fountain. The summer festival event runs until August 8, 2017.

Mobile Farmies (https://m.upjers.com/en/apps/my-little-farmies-mobile) get to enjoy the great outdoors for their summer event starting on Wednesday (July 26). Colorful flowerbeds, lavishly decorated hay wagons and sunflower fences are just some of the decorations from which players can collect linden blossoms.

The grand prize that awaits players this time around is the Lumberjack Cabin winder of the world, which supplies maple, oak and pine trunks. The summer event in My Little Farmies Mobile is also two weeks long and ends on August 9, 2017.

The Stonies (https://m.upjers.com/en/apps/stonies) are on the lookout for a summer god to revere. On Thursday (July 27) they’ll get the enlightening idea to build a Moai statue, just like the ancient Polynesian natives on the Easter Islands did.

The more pompous the Moai gets during the summer event, the better the rewards from the statue. Lasting one week, the Stonies summer event ends on August 3, 2017.

Let the upjers summer games begin with the events in our apps and browser games!

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