upjers prepares Brazilian Summer Sports Festivals

Bamberg, August 3rd, 2016. The renowned developer and publisher of browser games, upjers (http://en.upjers.com/games) has given the starting signal for countless summer sports events in its games. It will rain medals for the players!

My Free Farm 2 takes the lead in the upjers summer sports events. Players can grow mysterious medal trees on their farm; the rich harvest of medals can earn players exciting rewards, including a smouldering fire pit!

My Free Zoo Mobile grabs the baton and invites players to decorate and collect medals. Medals can be redeemed for brand-new game content, for example badger and collared peccary pieces, as well as cafezinho and feijoada cart pieces.

My Litte Farmies is hot on its heels, likewise with an event where decorations drop medals. The medieval villagers can look forward to a prize wheel as the grand prize; this spectacular wheel has a chance to give players wonder of the world pieces!

Make way for My Free Zoo and My Sunny Resort! These two browser games will let players decorate their games with beautiful Brazilian- and sports-themed items which also grant medals. Zoo directors will be able to acquire the massive sweetwater Arapaima, a striking South American fish, while resort managers can open a paradisiacal beach bar for their guests.

Wauies and Kapi Hospital are still in the starting blocks. Beginning on Thursday, August 4th, the hospital staff can amuse themselves with a darts tournament using needles – but without any doping of course! Players can throw needles to burst balloons and secure themselves 2.5% of the points to the next level.

In conjunction with a brand new feature, Wauies players will have the opportunity to earn a breeding tank for the new aquariums during the Summer Sports Event. Soon, you’ll be able to get baby goldfish, kois and rainbowfish!

The final runners among the upjers summer sports events are My Free Farm and Molehill Empire. They will join the race on Monday, August 8th. Farm players can look forward to feeding a running sheep with açaí berries. The further the sheep makes it, the more prizes players will get. The gardeners from Green Valley will be able to find Discus Fish while harvesting their fields which they can collect in a special tank. At the end of the event, they’ll receive fantastic rewards based on the fish collected as well.

You can find out more about all upjers summer sports events in our Portal News: https://en.upjers.com/news

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