upjers Sets Foot in the Realm of the Dead

Bamberg, October 26, 2016. upjers (https://en.upjers.com), the renowned developer and publisher of browser games and apps, is unleashing vampires, zombies and witches upon players just in time for Halloween. Those brave enough to set foot in their games can expect some amazing prizes.

upjers Halloween Events that Started on Terrifying Tuesday

My Free Farm 2 is digging a grave – or rather, building a mausoleum. This rechargeable decoration is the grand prize for the Halloween event in the farming app, and can be acquired by raking in enough spooky leaves, which, unsurprisingly, grow on spooky trees.

The upjers zoo app is dishing out cauldrons for placing Halloween decorations in My Free Zoo Mobil. Zoo directors with a flair for terrifying decorations will be able to fill their enclosures with bats and ravens. The latest round of zoo voting also has a special theme: “Who has the most beautiful Halloween zoo?”

Kapi Hospital’s favorite chief of medicine is up to his usual shenanigans – dressed as Count Fluffula with pointy vampire teeth, he’s challenging players to a dice game in which they can win points and patients.

The ancient Egyptian cult of the dead has gripped My Little Farmies. Mummies, gods of the afterlife and elaborate sarcophagi are only some of the Halloween items sending shivers down the Farmies’ spines. Once the curse has lifted, players will be able to look forward to card pieces for the new wonder of the world, the “Lighthouse of Pharos”.

upjers Halloween Events Starting on Werewolf Wednesday

The return of the bunny mummy is spreading fear and panic in My Free Zoo. The ancient Egyptian Halloween decorations will give fearless players the chance to earn a pair of flying foxes and northern bald ibises. This year, My Free Zoo has another special prize for dedicated players: the Mummy Bunny NPC!

My Sunny Resort is letting players collect candy during the “Week of Shivers.” The reward for this year’s event is the very fitting Haunted House – the perfect attraction for vacationers enthusiastic about Halloween!

upjers Halloween Events Starting on Murderous Monday

A zombie sheep, a witch sheep and a werewolf sheep are stealthily lurking in the Halloween pair game in My Free Farm. If you flip cards with the same picture, you’ll be able to walk away with some spooky prizes!

Even peaceful Green Valley is not safe from the Halloween terror. Bubbling cauldrons, black cats and piles of candy remind players that the spookiest night of the year is just around the corner!

The underworldly upjers team wishes you a hellishly haunted Halloween!

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