A New Grand Station for Rail World

Bamberg, November 6, 2018. Renowned developer and publisher of browser games and apps upjers’ train game Rail World (https://railworld.upjers.com/en/) has reached its final stop: launch! The iOS and Android app is now available as a browser game – all aboard!

Step up to the yellow line – you can now enjoy the exciting world of trains, tracks, and signaling control on your PC. upjers’ and Independent Arts Software’s latest cross-platform game is a paradise for railways enthusiasts and tycoon fans.

A small train station becomes the base of operations of Rail World (https://en.upjers.com/rail-world). From there, players will be able to plan routes. But first things first – tracks need to be laid and players will quickly meet Mike from building authority.

The little station will quickly develop into an important hub, as it’s expanded with a depot for various locomotives and signaling control to coordinate trains coming and leaving. The aim of the game is to maximize profits from transporting goods.

Tourists are another source of income – to attract them, players can build a number of attractions and restaurants in their flourishing railroad empire.

The lovingly detailed graphics are the hallmark of Rail World – from the train network to the busy train station,  the graphics and animations will amaze you again and again. Even the traffic lights change for the passing trains!

The browser game extends Rail World’s infrastructure even further than before. Since the game was designed with cross-platform gaming in mind, playing existing app accounts in your browser is no problem!

Register here: https://en.upjers.com/rail-world

Download the app here: