An Eventful Easter in upjers Games

Bamberg, April 8, 2020. Renowned developer and publisher of apps and browser games upjers is providing entertainment in these trying times. The seasonal events are one of the biggest highlights for players in their free-to-play games and are always hotly anticipated. Here’s a small overview of the Easter events kicking off this week:

Events Starting Tuesday: Amazing Animals and New Crops

Players in hit cross-platform game Zoo 2: Animal Park ( can set up decorations to collect Easter Eggs until April 17. These can be redeemed for cool prizes, including the somewhat rabbit-like Patagonian mara.

My Little Farmies ( is using the event as an opportunity to introduce carrots as a new crop. These tasty veggies can be used to make fresh new products such as carrot juice and carrot cream soup. Additional prizes include warehouse upgrades.

The Mandarin Duck is coming to the zoo app MyFreeZoo Mobile ( Before players can enjoy these colorful waterfowl, they’ll need to collect chocolate eggs by setting up seasonal items such as the Easter Lamb Bakery.

Horse Farm ( ) is once again busting out balloons all over the ranch. These contain Easter Eggs which can be used to earn exclusive prizes including the stunning Easter horse.

Events Starting Wednesday: Homeschooling and Sweet Temptations

My Free Zoo ( ) is mirroring the global situation. Decorations such as the bunny teacher and the teamwork exemplified by the diligent bunny pupils reflect the situations of many parents and children now. These and many more decorations liven up the browser game and help players get closer to the grand prize: the greater bilby!

The “Easter Chick Chase” landmark awaits in My Sunny Resort ( ). Once a player has collected enough plush chicks from their event decorations, they’ll be able to get it for their resort!

Sweet treats are a big part of Easter. Players in My Little Farmies Mobile ( ) can earn themselves the very fitting Chocolatier by completing this year’s event.

Events Starting on Thursday: Wacky, Wild and Primitive

Clever and crazy decorations such as an Easter scratching structure, an Easter pug egg and a sitting chick will soon grace the pet stores of Wauies – The Pet Shop Game ( ). The collect Easter egg chicks can win you cool prizes, including the all-new pygmy rabbit.

The Stone Age tribes in Stonies ( ) are celebrating the holiday with an Easter structure. This event building can be built and upgraded until April 16, and will supply players with valuable items in the future.

Aside from these marvelous events, many games feature Easter calendars with free surprises for players every day!