Black Friday Week Begins

Bamberg, November 23, 2021. Developer and publisher upjers ( is launching into the Black Friday Week with a first batch of games. Players in the apps and browser games can look forward to exciting cash back sales, discounts, and tons of new content!

Zoo 2: Animal Park
(Event runs Nov. 23 – 29)

Cross-platform game Zoo 2: Animal Park takes the lead with a lucrative cashback event. All Diamonds spent by a player during the event are tallied up, and depending on the amount, they’ll get up to 25% back when the event ends. There’s also a sensational discount of 44% on park and enclosure expansions,  shops and shop upgrades, as well as decorations. And if that wasn’t enough, all animals for the new Terrarium House will be on sale during the event, including two brand new animals: the Horned Lizard and Maned Rat!

My Little Farmies
(Event runs Nov. 23 – 29)

My Little Farmies players can likewise enjoy a cashback event with up to 25% of their Gold Bars back. The browser game sets sail into uncharted waters with the new Olaus’ Sea region, which offers new fishery experiences with rod, net and otter fishing production buildings and new wonders of the world. New islands allow landlubbers to grow crops in the new region as well.

My Free Zoo
(Event runs Nov. 24 – 30)

Of course, My Free Zoo players won’t be left out – players will get the same cashback event, and there are also new adventures to be had with a brand-new region, the Rainforest. Players can access this new jungle region through the Zoological Society, and provide a stunning habitat for two exclusive Rainforest animals, the Drill and the Rainbow-Billed Toucan. Many animals for jungle enclosures can also be housed there, and there are countless new decorations, shops, and exclusive items to round off the Rainforest setting.

These three games kick off Black Friday Week at upjers, but over the next few days many events and sales will follow in other games.  Find out more daily at