Colorful and Prickly Stuff for Easter

Bamberg, April 5th, 2022. The game designers at upjers ( have once again grabbed their brushes and egg paint and created numerous Easter events for our games. There are also some unusual representatives from the animal kingdom as rewards available.

In Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo a prehistoric porcupine is hiding the Easter eggs this year: A Sivacanthion is the Easter event animal. It is also one of the oldest rodents and therefore a kind of prehistoric Easter bunny. Players can collect Easter eggs from event decoration to get the event animal. Easter baskets, Easter bushes, and further decorations are guaranteed to please the entire dinosaur world.
    • Event period: April 5th till 19th (at noon CEST) (

It’s getting prickly in Zoo 2: Animal Park during Easter: differently shaped insect hotels will be among the event decorations in the 3D zoo. Fittingly, there is also be purple, orange, and red wildflower meadows as well as an arch composed of various birdhouses. At regular intervals event decorations will drop Easter eggs. Diligent egg collecting is worthwhile, because a Valais Blacknose and many other rewards are awaiting you.
    • Event period: April 6th till 20th (at noon CEST) (

Once again carrots can be turned into juice during the Easter event in Molehill Empire. However, first players have to find and dig out carrots hidden on the playing field. Some consolation prizes have also been buried there. Those who make enough carrot juice during the event can look forward to funny bunny shadowbox items and point power-ups. Of course, there will be another stage event in the recreational garden and a city park event.
    • Event period: April 5th till 19th (

Mootown wants to shine with colorful painted eggs for Easter. My Free Farm players can lend a helping hand, but to do so they first have to put their gray matter to work: in the Easter pair game. If they find two identical cards, they’ll receive popular egg paint as a reward. That, in turn, can be exchanged for farmhouse decorations. A juggling sheep shadowbox item is the main reward in the pair game.
    • Event period: April 5th till 19th (