Dark Gnome: New pixel game launched

Bamberg, March 7th 2019. Dark Gnome’s (https://darkgnome.upjers.com/en/) dwarven gang can now speak English: German developer upjers have launched their retro game in English, delighting international pixel art fans and hoping to recruit many new dwarven leaders.

They forge out plans and weapons, grind their axes, brew their rat-tail soup and bow to no enemy: the pixel dwarves in Dark Gnome (https://en.upjers.com/dark-gnome)! Players conquer neighboring territories and challenge boss enemies in turn-based battles with their dwarven gang.

It’s quite a funny experience when you’re after the Rat King or are out for Mr Fluff’s pretty cat fur. Every defeated enemy yields you precious loot and clues for other mysterious places in your dwarven forest – and the captivating story unfolds.

While you defeat your enemies in PvE battles, especially courageous dwarven leaders can face each other for riveting PvP battles in the arena. But only together you’ll be able to defy the mighty titans in Dark Gnome – that’s what the guilds are for in this pixel game.

This genre mix of turn tactics and role-playing elements is a real pleasure, not only for pixel art and retro games fans. Take a stroll through the artisan quarter, descend into the mines or brave countless battles – in Dark Gnome, players have a vast number of options at their disposal.

Small dwarves embark on a big adventure: Dark Gnome is ready for its international audience!