Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo Opens the Doors to the Clubhouse

Bamberg, April 28, 2022. Developer and publisher upjers (https://en.upjers.com/) is bringing the players in Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo closer together. Dino fans can now establish clubs and participate in contests and fundraisers!

As park managers, players take care of their dinosaur parks, see to the needs of their prehistoric giants, attract guests to the zoo, and help out their fellow players with daily tasks. Now there’s a whole new way to play with and against each other: Clubs.

At level 16 and up, players will be able to build a clubhouse and then either join an existing club or found a club of their own. We’re even helping players create room for the new building by clearing the plot outside the entrance. Every week, players will be able to compete in contests to earn pieces of valuable ruby statues and unique color variants.

Fundraisers allow club members to unlock temporary bonuses such as increased breeding chances or experience games, as well as permanent benefits such as additional member slots for the club.

The club’s group chat allows members to share experiences, plan strategies, or simply have a relaxed chat.

The new club feature is now available in Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo and the first contest has already begun!