Dinotastic Summer Event in Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo

Bamberg, July 27th , 2021. Super summer event for the new mobile game from upjers: The developer and publisher of popular apps and browser games has come up with a summer promotion for its dino game.
Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo (https://en.upjers.com/dinosaur-park-primeval-zoo) gets its first deco event!

The temperatures are rising and the dinos are happy, because now there are great beach decorations for the Dino Park! With sunshades in a trendy fruit design, fruit trees, a deck chair, a beach volleyball court, and much more, players can get, for example, a Hadrosaurus as a reward.

The event deco drops ice cream at specific intervals. The pins above the deco items indicate that the ice cream is ready for collection. The more dino players have collected before August 10th, 2021 (at noon), the better. Because in exchange for the ice cream, they will receive their rewards.

There are a sand castle, red and blue striped beach chairs, a hammock, and a beach picnic awaiting. The main reward is the Hadrosaurus for tree steppe enclosures. It can be kept in maximum groups of eight and has a three percent breeding chance.

Take part at the summer event in Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo now!