Farmer’s Fairy Tale Now Available

Bamberg, May 31, 2021. Developer and publisher upjers ( releases Farmer’s Fairy Tale on Steam today. The game is available with a special introductory discount of 20 percent for a limited time.

In Farmer’s Fairy Tale players slip into the role of a cheeky city girl who finds herself catapulted into a fairy tale world, where she experiences many exciting adventures. Throughout it all, one of her main projects is fixing up an abandoned old farm.

Countless colorful and quirky characters accompany her on her journey – from Deputy Mayor Señor Cato to the plant-wise giant Shorty. They show her the ins and outs of tilling fields and fields and how to use the extensive crafting system to manufacture a variety of handy tools and aids with the help of blueprints and recipes.

While our hero spruces up and expands her farming operations, she also spends plenty of time exploring the magical world of Farmer’s Fairy Tale, where she meets new characters, completes daunting tasks and becomes part of a riveting and humorous story.

Farmer’s Fairy Tale – the unique blend of farming simulation and role-playing game – is now available on Steam: