Galaxy Splitter: Retro-Shooter in modern 3D-Design

Bamberg, October 6th, 2021. A new mission for upjers ( The developer and publisher of popular apps and browser games has launched a vertical shooter together with NeoBird. The gaming app Galaxy Splitter is now available in the Play Store.

With Galaxy Splitter (, players get a classic shoot'em up for their mobile phones. In good old fighter pilot fashion, they shoot their way through space, collecting cargo, boosters, and more. Each mission has a different goal: sometimes it's about not leaving any cargo behind, sometimes it's about defeating all enemies.
The spaceships in Galaxy Splitter are as varied as the missions: each one has the perfect characteristics for one mission or another. For a "collecting" mission, it's best to have a spaceship with a lot of cargo space, while for a "hunting" mission, a maneuverable and defensible spaceship is the better choice.
In the hangar, the different types of spaceships are ready to use: Who will probably choose the scavenger "Sparrow" and who will opt for the freighter "Vulture"? After the spaceship choice, the weapon selection follows. From blaster to plasma launcher to laser minigun, a whole arsenal awaits the Galaxy Splitter players.
Thus equipped, virtual fighter pilots only need their finger to face the enemy battle squadrons. Spaceships follow every movement and shoot automatically - so the first boss opponent will be faced soon. Let's go on an action adventure with Galaxy Splitter!

Click here for the intergalactic download: