It can’t get any greener: upjer’s events for St. Patrick’s Day

Bamberg, March 17th, 2022. The Irish holiday runs like a green thread through the browser games of upjers (, the developer and publisher of popular online games. Players get discounts, bonuses, and rewards during the St. Patrick's events this week.

Kapi Hospital (
Professor Fluffling sets up a Paddy Room in the browser hospital for patients with certain St. Patrick's Days illnesses. Players who successfully treat them there will get horseshoes. These, in turn, provide fantastic rewards, such as miracle pills, points power-ups, a treatment buff or the "Golden Greeting" between two Leprechauns.
    • Event period: March 17th till March 24th, 2022 (10:59 am CET)

Molehill Empire (
The garden gnomes also get a visit from a leprechaun. He has hidden rainbow paint all over the fields. If players harvest certain plants, they can find and collect that colorful paint. All event plants are of course green: lettuce, cucumber, spinach, basil, broccoli, beans, zucchini, and apples.
As a reward for the collected rainbow color, there are product packages, points power-ups, recharges for the planting machine, shadowbox items, and wall decorations for the garden house.
    • Event period: March 15th till March 22nd, 2022

My Free Farm (
In Mootown, a rainbow is to be filled with color. Here the color green is also the trump card when harvesting. Those who harvest clover, herbs, cucumber, spinach, apples, olives, basil or kohlrabi will also find rainbow color during the St. Patrick's Day event. With that, the rainbow fills up and will soon pour out the rewards: Product packages, Potato Dollars, points power-ups, and the "Gold Bath" shadowbox item.
    • Event period: March 15th till March 22nd, 2022

Wauies (
It's raining discounts in the pet shop right now. A cashback promotion takes place for St. Patrick's Day. All diamonds players spend in the game during the event period are added up and a portion of them is credited back afterwards. The cashback bonus ranges from 5 to 25 percent. In addition, there are two Irish Setters for free: one at event level 2 and a second one at the highest event level.
    • Event period: March 17th till March 20th, 2022

My Sunny Resort (
Even a leprechaun likes to let the sun shine on his gnome belly. "Leppy on the beach" is therefore the reward for the St. Patrick's cashback promotion in My Sunny Resort. The card pieces for this landmark are given to players in addition to their cashback bonus. All shells they spend in game during the event period will be added up and paid back proportionally at the end. The cashback bonus starts at 5 percent from 20 shells spent and goes up to 25 percent.
    • Event period: March 17th till March 20th, 2022

Uptasia (
The hidden object game makes its players happy with special store packages for St. Patrick's Day. Moments of joy, a path of happiness, an arch bridge, and the cat skin "Lucky Bianca " are among the special offers that will exclusively appear in the game on March 17th, 2022.
    • Event day: March 17th all day long CET

My Free Farm 2 (
The 3D farm also turns Irish for 24 hours. Pilot Amy supplies all St. Patrick's Day parties with beer, clover and sheep fodder. Players who fulfill her orders and load her double-decker with these products will get extra coins and additional EXP as a reward.
    • Event period: March 17th at noon CET till March 18th, 2022 at noon CET

My Little Farmies (
St. Patrick's Day also makes its way to the Medieval farm for one day. The production of rye, barley, and wheat beer runs at full speed during the event and therefore throws off double the amount of products!
    • Event period: March 17th at 11 am CET till March 18th, 2022 at 10:59 am CET
But there is another reason to celebrate in My Little Farmies: The 9th birthday of the game is coming up! Therefore, upjers gives everyone the "Colossus of Rhodes" as a gift when logging in. Since this statue can only be placed on water terrain, there will be an additional 10 fields of water terrain as a birthday present.
The Colossus of Rhodes is a wonder of the world and gives players random products every six hours.