My Free Farm Gets Moo-ving
Bamberg, July 26, 2018. Renowned developer and publisher of browser games and apps upjers has added another exciting feature to its classic game: Players can now race cattle in My Free Farm ( till the cows come home! The cows in My Free Farm ( don't just give milk – they also step on the g(r)as(s). These unique racing stables add another udderly amazing and dynamic feature to the browser game. Not wind nor rain will keep these cows from doing what they do best. Players can make sure to prepare their bovine racers for conditions ranging from rain and mud to heat and snow. Fuzzy hats, raincoats, snow grips and other athletic equipment can be purchased for the cows, so that they can do their best no matter what. With every successful victory, racing cows will rise up in the ranks, and unlock more, even faster, purebred cattle. Cow Racing has come to My Free Farm!