My Free Farm Opens a Sushi Bar in a Prime Location

Bamberg, October 12th, 2021. Developer and publisher upjers ( also provides new game content for the 13th year of My Free Farm ( The browser game classic will be expanded by the eight farm.

Now players can unlock the eight farm as of level 47. The prerequisite for that is only owning farm 4. The new farm is all about the topic water plants.

Completely new in the game are water spinach, rice, Taro roots, and many more tasty products. Further construction sites and plants can be unlocked in the course of the new 5th main series of quests. New vehicles like rowing boat, water helicopter, and container ship will help transporting them.

However, the sushi bar is the absolute highlight of farm 8. Here players can further produce water plants to tasty Asian dishes. Afterwards the delicious goods will be served to the guests in proper style via a conveyor belt. Customers will demand dishes from the four categories salad, soup, sushi, and dessert.

After all wishes have been fulfilled, you will receive Potato Dollars, experience points, and sushi boxes as rewards. Players can use these boxes to increase their sushi bar level and so expand their sushi bar, unlock new seats at the conveyor belts, and further expand their menu by additional dishes.

As of now farm 8 with water plants and sushi bar will be available for all My Free Farm players (