My Little Farmies Sets Foot in the Shadow Weald
Bamberg, July 4, 2018. Renowned developer and publisher of browser games and apps upjers has released a big update for My Little Farmies ( The new region is called the Shadow Weald and is home to new products for players. The Shadow Weald is perfect for growing blueberry bushes, beeches and pinewood mushrooms. Up until now, the only way to obtain the products from these crops was the “Woodsman's Cabin” wonder of the world. In the new region, these products can finally be properly cultivated and harvested – without taking up room on the main farm! Blueberries, beechnuts and pinewood mushrooms are processed in the kitchen, mill, and guesthouse, respectively. These tasty ingredients expand My Little Farmies' already rich product palette with blueberry pancakes, beechnut flour and mushroom omelet. The new Shadow Weald region – now available at the Cartographer's in My Little Farmies (!