New on Steam: Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo

Bamberg, April 20th, 2022. Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, and T-Rex can now also be encountered on Steam! As of now, upjers, the developer and publisher of popular online games, makes its successful game Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo ( also available for that gaming platform.

The world of the upjers dinos is colorful, playful, and can be experienced in 3D. The Steam community can now convince itself of this. Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo has been adapted for the gaming platform and is now waiting for the first hobby paleontologists. Like the game’s name indicates, it's all about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

They were discovered by an Antarctic expedition in the eternal ice and are now happily roaming about in their enclosures. As park directors, players provide play equipment and feeding troughs for the enclosures, as well as decorations alongside the paths and snack booths. This makes their dino park even more attractive for visitors. Created income can be reinvested directly in park expansions or new dinosaurs.

A large selection of prehistoric giants like the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex or the Stegosaurus are already available in Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo. But also inhabitants of the Ice Age like the Smilodon or the Woolly Mammoth will elate your zoo visitors. The game relies on a cartoon-like graphic style, which is characterized by a cheerful, colorful appearance of animals and other characters.
The colorful mix of construction game, business simulation, and cozy game has already enthused numerous dino fans who play the upjers dino game via the app or the browser. The Steam community can now enjoy this gaming experience and look forward to many more updates and content expansions.
Click here to access the Steam version of Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo: