Saving has never been easier: upjers’ Black Friday events

Bamberg, November 22nd, 2022. This year, upjers ( once again invites its players to the pre-Christmas bargain battle: The developer and publisher of popular apps and browser games launches the Black Week!

For Black Friday, My Little Farmies ( will take players to the new fantasy region "Land of Legends". Exclusive magical fountains, new buildings, and two special wonders of the world can be placed there. Of course, this also introduces completely new products and production chains such as fairy dust, magician wand, spell book, and many more.
Of course, Farmies players will also be able to save money on Black Friday, for example with the cashback campaign. Everyone will get back a share of the gold bars they haven spent in the game within a week.
The cashback promotion runs from November 22nd till November 28th, at 11:59 pm CET.

Cashback bonuses of 5 to 25 percent are on the agenda in Zoo 2: Animal Park ( All diamonds that players spend between November 22ndand November 28th, at noon CET will be added up and a share of them transferred back at the end of the promotion - the more diamonds spent, the higher the cashback bonus will be.
Additionally, there is a 44 percent discount on numerous things in the game: park expansions, decorations, shops, and shop upgrades, but also enclosures, enclosure expansions, enclosure items, and decorations, as well as on unlocking Fir Grove, Terrarium, and Kujali Park.

Dinotastic savings and dinosaur-themed discounts await you in Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo ( On November 22nd, 2022 at noon CET, the event will be launched with discounts of -44% on seven game components:

  • -44% on park upgrades
  • -44% on nesting site upgrades
  • -44% on enclosure decorations
  • -44% on enclosure items
  • -44% on enclosures
  • -44% on shops and shop upgrades
  • -44% on decorations

And to make it all even greater, a cashback promotion runs simultaneously. Anyone who buys something for ammonites in the game between November 22ndand November 28th, at 11:00 am CET will get a percentage of the spent ammonites back to their game account. Their are different payout ranges - the more players spend during the event period, the higher their cashback bonus will be.

My Free Zoo ( is luring its players into the zoo browser game with a cashback promotion and a new mountain region. This new region can be unlocked via the Zoological Society and, like the other special regions in the game, contains enclosures in which different animal species can live together. At the launch of the new mountain region, two exclusive animals for this region will come be introduces: the Ili Pika and the East Caucasian Tur.
The cashback promotion runs for almost one week - from November 23rd, at 11am CET till November 28th, 11:59 pm CET. All diamonds spent by a player during this period will be added up and a percentage of them will be returned to that player. The cashback bonus can be up to 25 percent.
In addition, hot deals run from November 23rd till December 15th - these are daily changing special offers on selected animals, with savings of about 50 percent. One of them is the Tibetan Antelope, which is exclusively available in the hot deals.