Stonies Become Dog Whisperers

Bamberg, 9th October 2019. The evolution of the Stone Age clan goes on and on. Now they are learning how to domesticate wolves and other animals. upjers, the developer and publisher of popular online games, presents: era 19 for Stonies!

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? The Stonies ( sure aren’t! They want to lure their wild neighbors and accustom them to living within the Stone Age clan. To do so they need wolf food and a suitably large enclosure.

With era 19 of upjers’ Stone Age game, the Stonies reach a new development level: They are becoming more and more accustomed to animal husbandry and researching the domestication of wild animals.

Needless to say, it will not end with the domestication of wolves – the Stone Age families can also produce bird, rabbit and wild boar food to get more kinds of animals for their clan in the future.

The big update for Stonies – era 19 and the domestication! Now available for the app and the browser game.