Summer, Sun, Calendar Doors

Bamberg, July 1, 2021. upjers ( widely opens the door to summer and gives out many presents in its browser games. Tomorrow the developer and publisher of popular online games starts summer calendars for its players in four games.

In My Little Farmies( can get the brand new product summer savory via the summer calendar. Furthermore the game gives away free premium time, gold boosters, and week tickets for fruit, grains, vegetables, fibers, and wood.

All My Free Zoo( players can look forward to an exclusive animal: The Texas Longhorn can even be found twice in the summer calendar. So players that manage to open all doors will receive a breeding couple for free! The Indian Runner Duck from the previous summer calendar can also be collected again. In addition to that you can get free silver and gold boosters, premium time, and employee teams.

TheWauies( summer calendar provides you with two pets for free: Burmilla Cat and Brittany. Until now these two pets have only been available as exclusive bonus animals in the game. Furthermore Wauies players can also get experience points, premium currency, and previous summer event decorations from the calendar.

As of tomorrow you can also open a calendar door in My Sunny Resort( daily. In there you can find hotel dollars, premium currency, experience points, useful decorations, and vacation fun. Players can use these gifts to whip their vacation paradise into shape and by doing so also level up some more.

Each of the four summer calendars run from July 1 until July 31, 2021. Missed doors can be subsequently opened by using a small sum of premium currency. Upjers wishes everyone a great summer time with our browser games made in the German town Bamberg!