Surf’s Up Down Under and a Splash from the Past: upjers’ Summer Updates

Bamberg, July 5, 2022. Summer’s bringing hot new updates to upjers’ 3D cross-platform games. Developer and publisher upjers ( is launching a refreshing new feature for Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo, while Zoo 2: Animal Park is getting a ticket to Australia!

Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo Takes a Deep Dive into a Prehistoric Underwater World

It’s what dino park directors everywhere have been waiting for: Water enclosures for prehistoric animals! Dangerous predatory fish and supersized cephalopods can now move into your dino zoo. Of course, we’re talking about Megalodon, the colossal ancient shark, and Parapuzosia, the largest ammonite that ever lived! But we also have some slightly smaller sea creatures in store in Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo (, such as the magnificent shrimp Anomalocaris and Latimeria, also known as the coelacanth.
There’s even a new VIP animal that can frolic around in the water enclosures: Elasmosaurus! With its long neck and four flippers, it’s reminiscent of how Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, is often described. But there’s no danger of confusing it with mythical creatures in the game, as the water enclosures are entirely above ground, allowing visitors to see the animals both above and below water.

Accompanying this splashing new feature is a cashback sale, during which players can get up to 25% of the Ammonites they spend back. Big discounts on park expansions, nesting site upgrades, enclosures, and enclosure-related items invite park managers to go on a shopping spree!

The cashback sale and the associated discounts run until Monday, July 11, at 11:59 am CEST.

Holidays in Australia for Zoo 2: Animal Park
Koalas, kangaroos, and Co. are getting a visit from everyone’s favorite 3D zoo game! In the Zoo 2: Animal Park ( summer event, players can surf the largest waves and get ultimate Australian flair for their zoos! Strawflowers, colorful surfboard fences, and even a relaxing summer barbecue await!
Of course, the rewards are also from Down Under: Aboriginal art, eucalyptus trees for forest enclosures, and the famous Karlu Karlu rock formations for savanna enclosures are just some of the spectacular prizes. The grand prize is a flightless Aussie bird: The Southern Cassowary – one of the largest extant birds!
A series of daily special offers also features beloved Australian animals: You can look forward to the brown koala, whiptail wallaby and common wombat with sensational savings of 50-60% in Zoo 2: Animal Park!

The summer event begins tomorrow (July 6) and runs through Wednesday, July 20, 2022, at 11:59 am CEST – the last special offer ends one day later.
Upjers wishes all players lots of fun with the new water enclosures in Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo and the summer event in Zoo 2: Animal Park!