T-Rex on the Loose in My Free Zoo
Bamberg, February 14, 2018. Renowned developer and publisher of apps and browser games spared no expense to bring the most popular dinosaur of all time into one of its games. My Free Zoo (https://www.myfreezoo.com/) is pleased to announce the introduction of the Tyrannosaurus rex! It's a sensational fossil find: Browser game players can now bring the notorious Tyrannosaurus rex back to life. With a length of 12 meters and a weight of around seven tons, it was one of the largest land predators to ever life. Along with the T-Rex, My Free Zoo (https://en.upjers.com/my-free-zoo) is also giving players a chance to reanimate Plesiosaurus. This creature lived in the water and had four paddle-like flippers and a long neck. It was able to “fly” underwater, much like modern-day sea turtles. Both dinosaurs can be found by paleontologists in the Natural History Museum in My Free Zoo; lab workers can then conduct research on the pieces to create animal pieces. Soon, you'll have Tyrannosaurs and Plesiosaurs among your zoo animals. Note: To unlock the new dinosaurs, players must already have complete skeletons of the other Cretaceous dinosaurs. They can be unlocked early for Diamonds though.