Trick or Treat! upjers' Halloween Highlights
Bamberg, October 25, 2017. Renowned developer and publisher of apps ( and browser games ( upjers is putting on a skull mask, stitching together a gruesome costume and handing out candy to players by the bucket. It's time for spooktacular Halloween events in our browser games and apps! My Free Farm is being plagued by an alien invasion. The extraterrestrials are looking to abduct all of the cows, goats and horses, but players can attack the UFOs with candy bombs and (hopefully!) save the day. The gnomes in Molehill Empire are busy making Halloween costumes. Players can find the necessary crafting supplies when harvesting crops in their gardens. Soon, the trophy cabinet will be filled with zombies, werewolves and witches! My Free Zoo is celebrating Día de Muertos for Halloween. The Mexican Day of the Dead celebration boats a mariachi band composed of skeletons, masks and more!  Prizes include the camouflage-savvy Leaf-Tail Gecko and the mysterious Northern Bald Ibis. The scent of garlic wafts through My Little Farmies, as the Farmies prepare from guests from Transylvania. To protect the villagers from being sucked dry, this year's event collectible is garlic. The reward: an assortment of colorful market stalls straight from Transylvania. My Sunny Resort isn't leaving its vacationers hanging either – except maybe from a tree in a spider costume. The pumpkin choir is performing its best hits, and the Spooky Ghost Cemetery is ready to ornament the resort as a prize. The Wauies pets are thrilled about their costumes and are doing their best to scare costumers. Players can get piranhas and the Komondor as prizes. Ancient Egyptian gods of the dead are the star of the MyFreeZoo Mobile Halloween event. Common Ravens, Northern Bald Ibises and the Bunny Mummy are up for grabs as prizes. My Little Farmies Mobile is plowing through the fields in a creepy carriage. The rough and ready Halloween Pig is the reward players can earn for decorating with pumpkin ghosts, mausoleums and plenty of other amazing Halloween decorations. The Halloween Horse is ready to spook the ranch in Horse Farm. All players need to do to get it for their own is collect the bats which are hiding in balloons around the farm. My Free Farm 2 is more concerned with candy. Candy bushes supply the treats which will earn players a decorative pair of skeletons. To help the Stonies get more food for the winter, players can collect Halloween pumpkins to earn a Haunted Storehouse in in the Stone Age app. upjers Wonderland is home to a mysterious portal full of Halloween pumpkins. If you gather enough of them, a friendly pumpkin-head gnome will take them in exchange for his prized egg-laying woolly milk pig!