upjers celebrates with Georgia and lots of flowers

Bamberg, August 4th, 2021. A summer in Georgia - that could be the event theme for two of the most popular browser games from upjers (https://en.upjers.com/). The developer and publisher of successful online games has put together two colorful late summer events for players of My Little Farmies and My Free Zoo.

Georgia declared its independence 30 years ago - reason enough for the game designers of My Little Farmies (https://en.upjers.com/my-little-farmies) to choose the state in the South Caucasus as the main theme for the new event. With special flowers and plants such as the Caucasian whortleberry and the Wingradoff's iris, players can create a beautiful Georgian landscape on their medieval farms. Additionally, there are statues and other landmarks from the capital city of Tbilisi, as well as Georgian dancers.

With this event decoration, players can get Kvevri - the traditional clay vessels for the dry wines of Georgia. They can then exchange these for rewards. The main reward is a new production building for My Little Farmies: the Locksmith. It provides whole new production lines for the Farmies with zinc ore, brass fittings, locks, magnificent chests, and other goods.
The late summer event in My Little Farmies runs until August 10th, 2021 (10:59 am CEST).

My Free Zoo (https://en.upjers.com/my-free-zoo) devotes its late summer event entirely to flora. The goal: The flora should be as species-rich as the fauna in the browser game! The whole event decoration therefore consists of trees, bushes, and flowers in all colors: from sowbread flowerbeds to witch hazels.

The new event animal in the zoo browser game is the quoll. It is native to Australia and hunts frogs, lizards and small rodents there. In My Free Zoo it requires a grassland, forest, or mountain enclosure.
The raccoon dog as well as silver, gold, and diamond boosters are other obtainable prizes. This late summer event in My Free Zoo even runs for two weeks and ends on August 18th, 2021 (10:59 am CEST).