upjers Prepares for the End of Flash

Bamberg, November 3, 2020. Renowned developer and publisher of popular browser games and apps upjers (https://en.upjers.com/) has converted its Flash games to the latest technologies. Even when the Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported at the end of this year, upjers players will be able to continue playing their favorite games.

Upjers is taking a multi-track approach when it comes to the conversion of Flash browser games. Some games have been reworked to use WebGL, while others have been added to the in-house games player “upjers Home.”

As of December 1, 2020, there will be three ways to access the browser games My Free Zoo and My Little Farmies:
⦁    In browsers, as a WebGL game
⦁    Via upjers Home
⦁    Through the Home Edition

What is upjers Home?
“upjers Home” is an in-house development by upjers – a “play-only-upjers” browser of sorts, that provides exclusive access to our browser games. Players can download and install the application completely free of charge. This gives them access to ALL upjers browser games – WebGL and Flash games alike. All they need to do is log in, and they can enjoy their personalized upjers gaming account just like in the upjers Portal.
Using upjers Home to access games has a myriad of advantages, such as double upjers points from the daily scratch card. News and blog articles are likewise quickly and comfortably accessed with upjers Home.

What is the Home Edition?
To make things easier for players with very large accounts, upjers has developed a Home Edition for some games. Similar to a client game, players download a part of their accounts onto their laptops or desktops at home and can dive into their game worlds even faster. Home Editions exist for My Little Farmies, My Free Zoo, Uptasia, Wauies, My Sunny Resort, Undermaster, Stonies and Battle of Beasts.

Which games are not affected by the Flash shutdown?
Since My Free Zoo and My Little Farmies accounts have already been transitioned to WebGL, the Flash shutdown should not be noticeable. Games like Zoo 2: Animal Park, My Free Farm 2, Horse Farm, Stonies, and Rail World have always used WebGL technology and are therefore wholly unaffected by the end of the Flash Players.

Other upjers browser game classics have been HTML-based from the start and are thus also not affected by the removal of Flash. These include:
Kapi Hospital, My Free Farm, Molehill Empire, and Dark Gnome. Games upjers offers on Steam won’t undergo any changes on December 1, 2020, either. Players can simply continue playing as before.

⦁    For further press inquiries, please contact: presse@upjers.com
⦁    Upjers players can get answers to their questions and help – for example with installing upjers Home – via our support: https://support.upjers.com/en/