Zoo 2: Animal Park Brings in the Harvest

Bamberg, August 31, 2021. Zoo 2: Animal Park is attracting hordes of visitors with fresh vegetables ready for harvest! Renowned developer and publisher of popular online games upjers (https://en.upjers.com/) has a cornucopia of surprises for players during its autumn event.

Cauliflower, carrots, beets and grapes – players will find the event shop in Zoo 2: Animal Park (https://en.upjers.com/zoo-2-animal-park) stocked with plenty of ripe crops, and other rustic event decorations, such as an autumnal flower arrangement, lavishly decorated arches and a logging camp.

All of these items will supply zoo owners with Leaves at regular interval. These aren’t just any leaves – these collectibles are currency for an array of exciting prizes in this year’s Autumn Event in Zoo 2: Animal Park. Prizes include legendary chests, an autumn lantern, an autumn dinner table and a flower fountain. Train enthusiasts can also get a locomotive with a special wagon for the season to set up in their 3D zoos.

This year’s grand prize is the Banteng – wild cattle from South-East Asia. Housed in jungle enclosures, it can be kept with up to five other conspecifics. It has a breeding chance of 3%.
The fall event in Zoo 2: Animal Park runs from August 31 until September 14, 2021 (noon CEST). Once the event ends, players will have an additional week to redeem their leaves for prizes.