Zoo 2: Animal Park hits 5 million mark

Bamberg, 24th June 2019. Zoo 2: Animal Park (https://zoo2animalpark.upjers.com/en/) is still gaining popularity in App Stores worldwide. The 3D zoo simulation is another proof of upjers’ and King Art Games’ profitable cooperation.

The numbers show the popularity of Zoo 2: Animal Park among players: Within four months only the downloads and registrations jumped from three million to by now five million users!

More and more animal fans want to create their own 3D zoo and discover the exciting stories concerning Trude’s animal park. Already 80 different animal species are available in Zoo 2: Animal Park (https://en.upjers.com/zoo-2-animal-park); and there are more to come thanks to the regular, almost weekly updates – which also include gripping events.

The great update introducing ice enclosures with penguins, polar bears, polar foxes and snow hares was positively accepted by the community likewise the new club feature. Already 22.000 clubs were participating in the first club contest.

The immense growth of players proves the developer team, that the gaming app is on its best way to celebrate many more achievements. Numerous new game content should ensure the cult status for Zoo 2: Animal Park in the future.