Zoo 2: Animal Park joins exclusive Club

Bamberg, 22nd May 2019. Players of Zoo 2: Animal Park (https://zoo2animalpark.upjers.com/en/) can now aim for shared goals. upjers presents: The new club feature for their 3D zoo!

More than four million players already work hard for their animal park in the cross platform game Zoo 2: Animal Park (https://en.upjers.com/zoo-2-animal-park) and discover amusing as well as romantic stories concerning the NPCs.

From now on, all zoo directors have another exciting task on their list:  Joining forces in a club! In weekly contests club members can collect card pieces for animals and receive animal statues as rewards for their zoo.

Furthermore, there are long-term goals clubs can aim for. Raising the club level by increasing experience points enables new features and options for the club. In addition, members can unlock special temporary bonuses for their zoo, such as higher breeding chances.

The first contests for clubs in Zoo 2: Animal Park start off upcoming Wednesday (29th May 2019). Make sure you own a clubhouse until then!