Zoo 2: Animal Park – Now Available as a Browser Game

Bamberg, February 28, 2019. Renowned developer and publisher of browser games and apps has turned another mobile game into a cross-platform game. Zoo 2: Animal Park is now available for PC players (https://en.upjers.com/zoo-2-animal-park).

Zoo 2: Animal Park has been downloaded from the App Store and Play Store over three million times. Now we’re providing another platform: Browser gamers can now also enjoy the successful 3D game!

With just a click of your mouse, the zoo can be rotated a full 360 degrees – players won’t miss any details! And how many details there are! Animals respond to interactions with players; they’ll run after balls, and enjoy being petted. There are also plenty of enclosure decorations such as feeding troughs and play equipment, which produce even more unique animations.

Cute animals are paired with a well-thought out economic simulation in Zoo 2: Animal Park. Players that increase the diversity in their zoo and provide enough shops for their visitors will soon unlock even more features.

A romantic story arc provides plenty of excitement and suspense; dialogues between characters tell a gripping story that’ll have you coming back for more. Zoo 2: Animal Park has everything a heart desires!

New as a browser game – register here: https://zoo2animalpark.upjers.com/en/